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Our Mission

We believe that advanced degrees beyond a high school education is within the reach of every American. Study after study has shown a college degree to improve the earnings power and standard of living across all gender, ethnic and socio-economic groups. Further, the more educated out society, the better off we all are. Our primary mission is to deliver the necessary information and selection of choices to the interested and prospective student so he or she can start considering an advanced education.

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Our Goal

We have designed a website that allows prospective students to search our database of accredited colleges and universities offering degree programs that cover a wide range of practical and popular studies. With ease of navigation and a strong representation of the top schools in the for-profit, career college Industry, we provide enough options and information so the user can make educated decisions about his or her future. By submitting personal information on our form pages, the user will be contacted by an Admission Counselor from the corresponding school(s). This site is free, and the information our users solicit from the schools of their choice is also free. The prospective student is under no obligation to apply or enroll. However, by visiting our resource center, searching our database, filling out the forms, and speaking with Representatives from the schools, the prospective student is empowered to make a life-changing decision.

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