Associates in Nursing Online

You may be wondering if it's really possible to get your associates in nursing online. The answer is, yes, but you must already have your LPN license, or participate in a hybrid program that offers a mixture of online classes and in-person classroom skills practicums. Once you have an associates in nursing online you're ready to work as an RN, but you also qualify for work as an LPN or LVN. Although they are not as flexible as online degree programs, many community colleges offer an associate degree in nursing, so you may wish to look at that option as well.

The Best Online ASN Programs

Online Associates Degree in Nursing Programs

College Network

The college network offers an LPN to RN program through Excelsior College, which leads to an AS in Nursing. The program is open to licensed LPN/LVNs only.

Excelsior College School of Nursing

Excelsior College School of Nursing allows you to continue working while you attain your ASN degree online. Although you may take courses from anywhere, nursing classes do have deadlines. Class information can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Provo College

As a nursing student at Provo college, you'll have an opportunity to attain an associate of Science in Nursing and sit for the NCLEX-RN licensing examination. A passing exam score will lead to licensure as an RN. Over 20 months in the Provo nursing program, you'll take part in patient care as you learn the fundamentals of nursing, pharmacology, medical/surgical nursing, mental health nursing, and pediatric nursing.

Top Hybrid Programs

Kaplan University

Kaplan University offers a 110 credit associates of science in nursing. The program is available in Iowa and Nebraska. Tuition is listed in 2014 at $5,109 per term for 7 terms, for a total of over $35k. The foundations of the degree are composed of 35 credits in college composition, algebra, psychology, microbiology and sociology. Once in the nursing program, you'll take an additional 75 credits of nursing coursework, including nursing fundamentals, pathophysiology, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, pediatric nursing, mental health, and nursing leadership. Your degree will finish with a capston project at a clinical site.

Prerequisites for Getting Your Associates in Nursing Online

Each school will have specific entrance requirements for a nursing degree program, so be sure to speak directly with the school you're considering. Most campus and online nursing programs require you meet the general admissions requirements for the college or university. This may include taking the SAT or ACT, a competitive GPA, as well as completion of core high school classes including math, science, English, and foreign language study.

ASN Overview

An associates in nursing online is a 2-year track that usually leads to an LPN or RN designation. After completion, many nurses go on to get their bachelors in nursing online. Nurses should have a compassionate and friendly nature with the ability to communicate effectively. In addition, the work of a nurse is physically demanding and stressful, so an emphasis on self-care is critical to your success in a nursing program.


In order to qualify for an associates in nursing, you must meet the prerequisites of the nursing program, which usually includes general education requirements like English, math, and history, as well as sciences that will prepare you for becoming a nurse, like biology, microbiology, and chemistry. In addition, you'll likely take a CNA course, and have the option to become a CNA. The foundation of the nursing program coursework consists of classes like:

  • Anatomy
  • Physiology
  • Chemistry
  • Biochemistry
  • Microbiology
  • Pharmacology
  • Mental health

After you finish your prerequisites, you will learn a variety of assessment skills and nursing diagnoses using NANDAs to create a nursing care plan. The nursing care plan consists of assessment data, analysis, nursing diagnosis, client-specific outcomes, a plan for intervention, and evaluation of intervention outcomes. Nursing skills you'll learn include:

  • taking patient's pulse, respiration, and blood pressure
  • dressing wounds
  • administering IVs
  • administering medications
  • developing treatment care plans

Financial Aid

Students enrolled full or part time in an associates degree program through an accredited college or university may be eligible to receive federal financial aid to assist in attaining a degree. In addition, you may want to search for nursing scholarships, which can also help reduce the cost of your ASN program.

Types of Nursing Careers

There are a variety of areas to work in with a nursing degree. Many students work as CNAs while they attend school in order to gain valuable experience. Once you have your associates degree in nursing, you may expect to work as an RN in an entry level position. However, you also qualify to work as an LPN or LVN. Some students who have a difficult time getting an RN job straight out of school find this to be a helpful option. As a nurse, you may find yourself working in a hospital setting, nursing home, or as an in-home health provider.

Nursing Salary Information

Nursing salaries vary by state. To give you an idea of what kind of salary you can make with an Associates in Nursing degree, we can look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2013 median salary for registered nurses was $66,220. Salaries fell between $45,630 and $96,320 per year. For Licensed Practical and Licensed Vocational Nurses, salaries ranged from $31,300 to $58,020 per year.

Keep in mind, as with all careers, your salary will vary based on the company you work for, the field your in, your level of education, and your number of years experience. You can expect to make less money coming straight out of nursing school, and for your salary to increase as you gain relevant work experience or training in an area of nursing specialization.

Associates in Nursing Degrees Online

In addition to Associates in Nursing, there are a variety of online nursing degrees to choose from. The two most popular online programs are the RN to BSN and the RN to MSN. Based on the information you provide, DegreeTree matches you with the right school that offers the program that meets your needs to advance your career. Take a look at some of the online Associates in Nursing degrees our accredited schools offer.

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