Bachelor of Arts BA in Christian Studies

A B.A. in Christian Studies prepares you for a wide variety of roles within religious and non-profit organizations, including children's ministries, youth ministry, Christian education, women's ministries, assistant pastor, and pastor.

What is Christian Studies?

Christian studies are based on the study, teaching, and practice of Christianity. It involves the study of scriptures, as well as practical application of their teachings for today's world. Types of things you'll learn with a christain studies degree may include:

  • historical religious perspectives
  • counseling
  • preaching
  • administration

Areas of Study

There are many areas of emphasis to choose from with your Christian Studies degree. Some include:

  • Biblical Studies - Emphasis on the study of the old and new testamtent, including ethics, biblical interpretation, theology and spiritual wisdom
  • Christian Leadership - Prepares Christian leaders with the necessary administrative skills for leading organizations based on Christian values with an emphasis on ethics, community, environment and multi-cultural leadership.
  • Pastoral Ministry - For those preparing for service as a pastor
  • Youth Ministry - Emphasis on ministry as it pertains to youth. Includes classes in communication, adolescent issues and adolescent interventions


With a degree in B.A. in Christian Studies, you can expect to take a wide variety of religious coursework. This will establish a foundation of knowledge about religion, particularly christianity. Here's a list of some of the courses you may take:

  • Old Testament Historical Perspectives
  • New Testament Historical Perspectives
  • World Religions
  • Spiritual Formation for Christian Leaders
  • Theology
  • History of Christianity
  • Christian Leadership
  • Communication
  • Ministry

In addition to these courses, you can expect to take your general education requirements. These include classes in English, Philosophy, Math, Psychology, and Sociology.

Types of Christian Studies Careers

Do you wonder what you can do with an B.A. in Christian Studies? These are just a few of the career areas you can pursue with a degree in B.A. in Christian Studies.

With a Christian Leadership degree, you may work in some of the following business and organizations:

  • Religious organizations
  • Non profit organizations
  • Public or private schools
  • State Government

Salary Information

To give you an idea of what kind of salary you can make with an B.A. in Christian Studies degree, we can look at the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2010 median salary for members of the clergy was $48,490 per year. According to O-net Online, the median annual salary of religious directors was $36,470, and for religious workers it was $26,150 annually.

B.A. in Christian Studies Degrees Online

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