How to Become a Business Operations Manager

If you'd like to learn how to become a Business Operations Manager, this article will guide you through the requirements as well as career pathways and salary information. As with any business, company, or organization, there are so many industries. The role of an operations manager will vary from industry to industry, but essentially one detail remains the same: make sure things operate and run smoothly.

Operations Manager Job Description

The main duties of an operations manager are:

  • Policy and Guideline Creation
    • policies uphold the company's purpose and intent of doing business
    • ensure proper safety and guidelines are being followed to protect both the employees and the company itself
    • define how different departments within the company communicate and operate with each other
    • formulate policies that follow through with disciplinary actions when employees break the company's rules
  • Planning Company Operations and Activities
    • company operations
    • determining what will be bought and sold and for what prices determining to whom products will be marketed and sold to coordinating different departments in communication fulfilling the deliverables their department is responsible for distribution to and receipt of the deliverables to the next department
  • Allocation of resources to maximize company's profit
    • oversee payroll policies and procedure
    • assess how funds are allocated for benefits packages
    • review financial statements and ensure other funds are being spent in used in the best way possible for the company's benefit and maximum profit
    • make sure the company runs smoothly on a day to day basis
    • applies financial concepts to strategic and tactical planning
  • Communicate with other management professionals
    • the operations manager communicates with other companies and organizations with which the company does business
    • put together reports and financial statements for other top executives and management within the company or organization
    • works with functional management to establish project priorities and ensures issues are identified and resolved

Business Operations Manager Requirements

Education Requirements

Some companies reviewed at the time this article was written wanted applicants with 2-5 years of college experience. Most wanted applicants with bachelor's degrees or more. Depending upon the industry, experience within the industry was just as if not more important than the level of education.

Work Experience

As an operations manager, almost all companies reviewed at the time of this article were seeking applicants that had 2-5 years of experience either managing, or 2-5 years of experience within that industry.

Business Operations Manager Salary Information

According to the Bureau of Labor and Statistics, in 2011 the average annual pay for top executives, which is what business operations managers are considered, was $114,490 per year and $55.04 per hour.

Business Operations Manager Jobs

There are many industries where you can get a job as a business operations manager. These industries include:

  • financial
  • business and strategic management
  • construction
  • project/program management
  • computer hardware
  • IT
  • computer software
  • medical professions
  • health

A great place to look for Business Operations Manager Jobs is on job sites like Monster or SimplyHired. You may also consider searching for a job or posting your resume on The Association for Operations Management Career Center Job Board.

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