How to Become a Substitute Teacher in California

If you are wondering how to become a substitute teacher in California, the following information will guide you through the process.

Get Your California Fingerprint Clearance Card

The first step to become a substitute teacher is to obtain your California fingerprint clearance. If you live in California, you may get yours from LiveScan. If you are an out-of-state applicant, you must submit two copies of your fingerprint card (FD-258) and the cost is an additional $51 when submitting your application.

Obtain Official College Transcripts

You'll need your original college transcripts showing you have a baccalaureate or higher degree from a regionally-accredited college or university in order to receive your substitute certificate. Submit your official transcript with your substitute teacher application.

Complete Your Application for Certification

Next, download and complete the California Department of Education application for teacher certification. Complete the application form and submit it with your official transcript, LiveScan receipt, and a cashier’s check, money order or personal check for $55 ($106 if out-of-state) made payable to the Commission on Teacher Credentialing or CTC.

Submit Your Application

You may submit your California teacher application online, through your employer, or directly to: State Of California Commission On Teacher Credentialing 1900 Capitol Avenue Sacramento CA 95811-4213

Validity and Renewal of Your Substitute Teaching Certificate

Your substitute teacher certificate will be valid for one year beginning on the date your application was received at the California Commission. If you apply for renewal prior to the expiration date of your current certificate, it will be valid for one year beginning the date your current certificate expires. If you apply for renewal after your current substitute teaching certificate expires, it will be valid for one year starting the date the application was re-submitted.

Substitute Teacher Pay in California

Rates for substitute teaching vary by district. As a substitute teacher, you may expect to make $80 to $120 each day teaching in a California classroom, with more being paid for long term positions. Keep in mind that in California, you may not substitute for more than 30 days for a specific teacher.

Substitute Teaching Jobs in California

After you have your substitute teaching certificate, you may apply for substitute teaching positions at any public school throughout California. In order to find a job quickly, you may wish to contact the office of education in the county in which you wish to teach. Here's a list of 58 county offices of education in California. They can provide you with specific information regarding finding substitute teaching positions, as well as pay rates in various school districts.

Resources for Substitute Teacher Certification in California

State of California Commission on Teacher Credentialing 1900 Capitol Avenue, Sacramento, CA 95811-4213 Contact Information.

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