How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Idaho

If you are interested in learning how to become a substitute teacher in Idaho, the following information will help guide you through the process.

Substitute Classifications

Idaho has two types of Substitute Teachers. Classified Substitute Teachers hold a Bachelors degree in any subject while Non-classified Substitute Teachers are only required to haave a H.S. Diploma or G.E.D. Most urban school districts in Idaho only employ the classified type and give higher consideration to those holding a teacher credential.

Obtain Official College Transcripts

You'll need your original college transcripts showing you have a bachelor's degree in order to become a Classified Substitute Teacher. Submit your official transcript with your substitute teacher application to the district to which you are applying. It will not be returned. Copies of your transcript are not accepted.

Get Your Criminal Background Check

Criminal Background Checks are performed by the Idaho State Department of Education. There is a $40 fee for the process that includes a Statewide Criminal Identification Bureau check, a Federal Bureau of Investigation check, and a the National Crime Information Center and Idaho sex offender registry check. Because it will take about 5-8 weeks to receive your results, you should complete this processs well before you apply to a district.

Complete Your Application

Complete and submit a substitute teacher application, along with the application fee, official transcripts and supporting documents, for the school district that interests you. Some school districts have online applications while others require you to obtain an application from the district offices and return them to the same offices when completed.

Complete Substitute Teacher Training

Must districts require Substitute Teachers to complete a substitute teacher training course or orientation, as required by the school district. Contact the district you are interested in working with for details.

Letters of Recommendation

While you're waiting for your Criminal Background Checks to be proecessed, you may wish to ask professional references for a letter of recommendation. It's probably a good idea to get 2-3 letters of recommendation, as some school districts will request them when you apply for substitute teaching jobs in Idaho.

Substitute Teacher Pay in Idaho

Rates for substitute teaching vary by district. Here's a general idea of how much a substitute teacher might make each day teaching in an Idaho classroom based on the Coeur d'Alene School District. Substitutes are paid $65.00 for a full day (8 hours) and $35.00 for a half day (4 hours). If the substitute position is for a certified teacher in the same classroom for 10 consecutive full days, the pay is $80.00 per day starting on the 11th day.

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