How to Become a Substitute Teacher in Nebraska

If you are interested in learning how to become a substitute teacher in Nebraska, the following information will help guide you through the process.

Nebraska Substitute Teacher Requirements

Nebraska Department of Education has two types of Substitute Teaching certificates.

State Substitute

This certification is for individuals who hold a current Teaching certificate assigned by the Nebraska Department of Education and wishes to be able to substitute in any district in Nebraska. You may teach up to 90 days or less per substitute teaching assignment. This certificate is valid for 5 years. You must apply for a State Substitute certificate through the Nebraska Department of Education, and complete (if you have not already) the mandatory Human Relations Skills Requirement and Special Education Requirement trainings.

Local Substitute

This certification is valid for 3 years. You may teach up to 40 days per school year. The state of Nebraska requires that you have completed at least 60 hours of college credit in an educator preparation program, and the human relations course requirement. This certificate is may be attained through individual districts in Nebraska, and you are encouraged to contact the district you wish to work for to see what else they may require of you. Know that not all districts hire substitutes that are Local Substitute certified. Some districts require you to be a State Substitute in order to gain employment with them. In order to attain your substitute teacher certification in Nebraska, you will need the following:

  • A Bachelor's degree or 60 semester hours in an educator preparation program
  • Fingerprint card and background check
  • Complete Human Relations Skills Requirement and Nebraska Special Education Requirement
  • Completed application, fees, and supporting documents
  • Letters of recommendation

In order to substitute in Nebraska, you must complete mandatory training in Human Relations Skills Requirement and Nebraska Special Education Requirement.

Get Your Nebraska Fingerprint Clearance Card

In order to obtain your substitute teaching certificate, you will need to have afingerprint card and back ground check completed. There you will find information from the Nebraska Department of Education on how to complete this process. The Nebraska State Patrol has the capability to conduct Livescan Fingerprints and will fingerprint citizens as a public service for no charge, and the Nebraska Department of Education recommends this service to its applicants.

Obtain Official College Transcripts

You'll need your original college transcripts showing you have a bachelor's degree in order to receive your substitute certificate. Submit your official transcript with your substitute teacher application.

Complete Your Application for Certification

Nebraska Department of Education prefers you fill out Nebraska Department of Education application for substitute certification online. Once there you will register a user name and password, and have full access to all the tools you will need to complete the application process.

If there was the need, you can download and complete the Nebraska Department of Education application for substitute certification by hand and mail the application in with a check or money order payable to Nebraska Department of Education. Here is a list of all supporting documents you will need if you are mailing your application.

If you are applying as a Local Substitute, complete and submit a substitute teacher application, along with the application fee, official transcripts and supporting documents, for the school district that interests you. If you are applying online, then there is no need to mail your application in. If you are applying as a State Substitute, all instructions are accessed through your log-in process and explained there.

Review and Visit Schools and Districts

Determine which schools and district you may wish to seek employment with. Remember that some districts only hire State certified substitutes. Contact the district you wish to work for and find out what their hiring requirements are. You can find a complete listing of Nebraska schools districts here. Some school districts have online applications while others require you to obtain an application from the district offices and return them to the same offices when completed.

Submit Your Application

When completed, submit your Local or State substitute application, along with application fee and supporting documents to: Nebraska Department of Education TEACHER CERTIFICATION P O BOX 94987 Lincoln, NE 68509-4987

Letters of Recommendation

While you're waiting for your substitute teacher certificate to be processed, you may wish to ask professional references for a letter of recommendation. It's probably a good idea to get 2-3 letters of recommendation, as most school districts will require theses recommendations when you apply for substitute teaching jobs in Nebraska.

Substitute Teacher Pay in Nebraska

Rates for substitute teaching will vary by district. Here's a general idea of how much a substitute teacher might make each day teaching in an Nebraska classroom. Pay rates for substitute teachers vary across the state but the average is $110 a day for Local Substitutes and $120 day for State Substitutes.

Substitute Teacher Jobs in Nebraska

If you're looking for a substitute teacher job in Nebraska, one of the best ways to find one is to inquire at the school district office or specific school where you'd like to teach. You can find a complete listing of Nebraska schools districts here.

Resources for Teacher Certification in Nebraska

Nebraska Department of Education
Teacher Certification Office
P.O. Box 94987
Lincoln, NE 68509-4987
Direct: 402.471.0739
Toll Free: 866.342.6280
DRC Fax: 763.268.3007

This Interactive Nebraska Teacher Certification Guide will take you through a series of questions which determine the proper path to teacher certification based on which requirements you've completed, and those you haven't, if applicable.

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