How To Become a Teacher in Oregon

Each state has its own requirements for becoming a teacher. If you wish to learn how to become a teacher in Oregon, take a look at the areas of certification and determine the education you need to fulfill the requirements for the area in which you'd like to teach. Take a look at the other requirements and make sure you follow a path to fulfill those as well. If you already have a teaching license from another state, look at Oregon's reciprocity rules.

Oregon Teacher Certification Roadmap

Areas of Teacher Certification

Oregon requires certification for the following areas:

  • teachers
  • counselors
  • school psychologists
  • supervisors
  • professional technical directors
  • principals
  • program directors
  • superintendents
  • athletic coaches
  • school nurses
  • substitute teachers

In addition, Oregon teaching licenses are issued for authorization levels. These include:

  • Early childhood teacher certification (pre-kindergarten - grade 4)
  • Elementary teacher certification (grades 3 through 8)
  • Middle school teacher certification (grades 5 through 9 in a middle school or junior high school)
  • High school teacher certification (grades 9 through 12)
  • K-12 teacher certification (pre-kindergarten through grade 12)

Oregon teaching endorsements are available in the following areas:

  • Administrator
  • Art
  • Biology
  • Business Education
  • Chemistry
  • Early Childhood Education
  • English Language Arts
  • English to Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL)
  • Essential Academic Skills
  • Family and Consumer Sciences
  • General Science
  • Health
  • Mathematics
  • Middle Grades English Language Arts
  • Middle Grades General Science
  • Middle Grades Mathematics
  • Middle Grades Social Science
  • Multiple Subjects
  • Music
  • Physics
  • Physical Education
  • Protecting Student and Civil Rights in the Educational Environment
  • School Counselor
  • School Library Media Specialist
  • Social Science
  • Spanish
  • Special Education

Oregon Teaching Certificate Requirements

The requirements necessary to attain an Oregon Initial I Teacher Certification are:

An Oregon Initial II Teaching License can be attained through a masters degree, or an equivalent program containing a minimum of 45 quarter hours or 30 semester hours of graduate level coursework relevant to the license. The equivalent program can also be a TSPC-approved school district program.

Education Requirements

In order to become a teacher in Oregon, you must possess a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university and complete a teacher education program. For an Initial II license, the requirement is a masters degree. If you do not meet these educational requirements, here are some of the top online education degree programs that will help you to fulfill the requirements for becoming a teacher in Oregon.

Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments

All educators wishing to become a teacher in Oregon must pass two tests: the basic skills test and a subject area test for endorsement. For the basic skills test, the Oregon Praxis I covers reading, writing, and mathematics. For subject area assessment, educators must take the Oregon Educator Licensure Assessments.


Oregon teacher applicants must submit one fingerprint card and Fingerprint Form with their teaching application for Oregon State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigation criminal history records. The fee for fingerprinting is $62 in addition to the application fee for the teacher certification.

Certification Reciprocity

Oregon has reciprocity of teacher licensure with 32 other states. If you have an out-of-state teacher license, you should contact the Teacher Standards and Practices Commission

In addition to certificate reciprocity, Oregon offers testing reciprocity, allowing you to utilize CBEST or WEST-B in lieu of the Oregon Praxis I assessment.

Oregon Alternative Teacher Certification

Oregon offers three alternative pathways to teacher certification. They are:

  • Restricted Transitional Teaching License - Issued to professionals with a bachelor’s degree making a career shift. The sponsoring school district provides a mentor, and the license is non-renewable.
  • Limited Teaching License - a renewable license for teaching in areas for which there is no endorsement.
  • Career & Technical Education I Teaching License - for recruiting teachers with appropriate work experience in electronics, construction, health occupations, accounting, childcare, or other approved areas. This license is non-renewable and you must have experience as a technician, journeyman, or manager.

In addition, the Oregon Troops to Teachers assists eligible military and reserve personnel transition to a new career as public school teachers in schools serving students from low-income families.

Become a Substitute Teacher in Oregon

If you have a college degree but don't qualify for a teaching certificate, you may consider becoming a substitute teacher in Oregon. You may substitute teach while you attain your teaching credentials through an accredited online program.

Teacher Jobs in Oregon

One course for finding teacher jobs in Oregon is EdZapp, which offers a job search by school district. The Oregon Educator's Professional Development Commission (OEPDC) and the Oregon School Personnel Association often hold job fairs, so you may want to check with them to find teacher jobs in Oregon.

In addition to the above job resources, one of the best ways to find a job as a teacher in Oregon is to check in with the school district office in which you want to teach. The Oregon School Boards Association has a great list of Oregon school districts and a complete list of Oregon Education Institutions. Contacting the district office or school directly should help you quickly find a job teaching in Oregon. Or you may utilize the Oregon School Directory to find the contact information you need.

Oregon Teacher Salary Information

The Portland Association of Teachers has a published Portland teacher salary schedule. Although your teacher salary will vary be district, this salary schedule provides you with some general information about the salary information for teachers in Oregon, ranging from $35,000 to $73,000 depending on your level of education and time teaching.

Resources for Teacher Certification in Oregon

Teacher Standards and Practices Commission
250 Division Street NE
Salem, OR 97301
(503) 378-3586

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