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Nurse Salary by State

Take a look at each nurse salary by state for a comparison of nurse salaries in various areas of the country. These numbers are the 2012 nurse mean salary. The word RN and nurse are used here interchangeably, so this could also be called a listing of RN salary by state.

State   2012 Annual Mean Nurse Salary
Alabama   $55,270
Alaska   $80,970
Arizona   $71,390
Arkansas   $55,360
California   $94,120
Colorado   $67,920
Connecticut   $75,660
Delaware   $70,820
Florida   $61,780
Georgia   $60,770
Hawaii   $84,750
Idaho   $59,100
Illinois   $66,260
Indiana   $57,520
Iowa   $52,540
Kansas   $56,040
Kentucky   $57,510
Louisiana   $61,260
Maine   $60,700
Maryland   $71,090
Massachusetts   $83,370
Michigan   $64,430
Minnesota   $70,780
Mississippi   $57,740
Missouri   $46,990
Montana   $59,920
Nebraska   $56,350
Nevada   $77,870
New Hampshire   63,920
New Jersey   $75,820
New Mexico   $66,710
New York   $74,100
North Carolina   $58,760
North Dakota   $53,520
Ohio   $60,970
Oklahoma   $55,980
Oregon   $78,530
Pennsylvania   $65,000
Rhode Island   $73,070
South Carolina   $58,940
South Dakota   $52,800
Tennessee   $55,800
Texas   $66,350
Utah   $59,810
Vermont   $63,350
Virginia   $63,050
Washington   $75,350
West Virginia   $54,490
Wisconsin   $64,000
Wyoming   $60,690

Top 10 States for Nursing Salaries

RNs make the most money in the following states. No accomodation has been made for cost of living expenses.

  1. California
  2. Massachusetts
  3. Hawaii
  4. Alaska
  5. Nevada
  6. Washington
  7. Oregon
  8. New Jersey
  9. New York
  10. Connecticut

Top States for Nursing Employment Level

RNs have the highest level of employment in these states.

  1. California
  2. Texas
  3. New York
  4. Florida
  5. Pennsylvania

Neonatal Nurse Salary by State

Neonatal nurse salary cannot be separated from RN salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, it can be inferred that neonatal nurse salary is approximately the same as the information listed above. The salary for neonatal nurse practitioners (NNP), however, should be significantly higher because of the additional education needed in order to become a nurse practitioner.

Surgical Nurse Salary by State

Surgical nurse salary cannot be separated from RN salary information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). However, it can be inferred that surgical nurse salary is approximately 14.56% greater than the salary of nurses in care facilities and 3% greater than the median average wage of RNs. Other comparative nurse salary data is here:

  • General medical and surgical hospitals; private - $66,650
  • Offices of physicians - $62,880
  • General medical and surgical hospitals; local - $62,690
  • Home health care services - $60,690
  • Nursing care facilities - $58,180

By using the state salary chart above, we can simply take the nurses median salary by state, and apply a 3% salary increase to provide us with an estimate of surgical nurse salary by state.

Average Nurse Salary by State

This is a map shows a range for the annual mean nurse salary by state, so you have an idea of the salary potential for nursing in your state.

average nurse salary by state

Nurse Employment Statistics by State

Nurse Employment Statistics by State

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