Paralegal & Law

How to Become a Lawyer

Learn about how to become a lawyer, including the different types of lawyers as well as the steps necessary in becoming a lawyer. Read more

How to Become a Paralegal

Learn how to become a paralegal, including what a paralegal does, paralegal education requirements, work experience, paralegal jobs and salary as well as organizations. Read more

List of Paralegal Organizations

A list of paralegal organizations by state with links to their corresponding websites. Read more

Lawyer vs Attorney

Have you ever wonder what the difference is between a lawyer and an attorney? The difference between the two is not usually distinguished in the U.S., although there is a difference. Find out what it is... Read more

Paralegal vs Lawyer

Have you ever wonder what the difference is between a paralegal and a lawyer? Lawyers are licensed to represent a client in the court of law, while paralegals assist lawyers in their practice of law. Read more

How to Become an Attorney

Learn how to become an attorney, including general and education requirements as well as information on jobs and salary. Read more

Mediation Career: Job Training

Mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution in which an impartial third party (a mediator) directs the conflict resolution process. Explore more about a career in mediation. Read more