What Can You Do With a Business Degree?

Ever wonder what you can do with a business degree? A business degree is an undergraduate degree that focuses on different business disciplines. These could include accounting, business management, finance, HR, marketing, and IT. It’s common for someone with a marketing degree to work in the field of marketing, while people who earn a human resources degree may tend to work as an HR specialist. A business degree is a very generalized degree that gives you the option of working in any of these areas of business, including marketing, finance, public relations, sales, HR, management, production and many other areas. There's almost an endless list of possible things you can do with a business degree. Here’s a brief overview of the types of opportunities your business degree offers.


Accounting is one of the most popular areas of business. The focus of the accounting curriculum is to teach students budgeting, auditing, financial analysis, managerial accounting, and taxation. As a business major with an accounting degree, you can find plenty of jobs as an accountant. You may work as an accountant for private companies, or accept the position of a public accountant to work for NGOs, government agencies etc. You can even work as internal auditors, where you will need to review operations for accuracy, efficiency, and effectiveness, and search for fraud and waste.

Business Management/Business Administration

With business management, you may find work as a manager in various departments of a company, government agency, or association. These could be in the public or private sector, or even non-profit.

Economics and Finance

Majoring in economics or finance gives you a lot of flexibility in your career opportunities. You may expect to find jobs in both the public and the private sector. Common employment opportunities include loan officer, budget analyst, money market manager, real estate professional, investment banker, and financial adviser.


Advertising is another thing you can do with a degree in business. With advertising, you may work in career areas like advertising, public relations, sales or marketing. Some common job positions include advertising account executive, advertising manager, copywriter, corporate communications manager, and creative director.

International Business

In today’s global economy, graduates with an international business degree are in high demand. Popular positions include management analyst, international sales representative, market researcher, interpreter, and business manager.

General Business

If you want to work in the field of business, but aren't sure about the precise profession that you would like to pursue after graduation, a general business degree may be best. With a general business degree, you may find a job in a variety of areas, including finance, management, sales, marketing, and human resources.

Hospitality Management

Hospitality management is another area you can work in with a business degree. If you have specialized in a particular area such as food service management, lodging management, or casino management, you can also get jobs in those relevant sectors.

Health Care Management

A business degree in health care management can help you find jobs at the management level in the health care field. You may be put in charge of a hospital, community health clinic, physician's office, senior care facility, or outpatient clinic where you'll be responsible for supervising employees and handling administrative tasks.

Of course, these are just a few of the options you have available with a business degree. What will you do with yours?